OFF OST: -09- Rainy Day (and meat)
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ggs this was hella hard to make.
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OFF OST 09 - Rainy day (and meat)
You're walking in an alternate world. It's rainy, and even though the rain soaks your clothes, you feel nothing but peace. You step indoors to a local cafe. It's incredibly cozy and soothing, and it makes you feel oddly melancholic. You sit for a moment. Suddenly, an alarm goes off, signaling that the meat rain is coming. You and the rest of the people in there step outside, see hundreds of other citizens (you call each other elsens in this world), turn your heads towards the desolate sky, and start humming. A few seconds after this, the meat rain starts, pelting all of you, and putting you into a state of demoralization and comfortability.
You are at true peace.
sorry that i wrote a full fuckin' paragraph in here, but i felt this one.
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OFF OST 09 - Rainy day (and meat)
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